What is Swift Treatment?

Swift Treatment is an advanced technology for the removal of plantar warts. It is non-invasive, leaves no marks, and does not damage healthy skin.

How Does Swift Work?

Swift is a device that generates low-energy microwaves. We apply this energy to the site of plantar warts using an attached wand. 

Cells in the area respond to the resulting generation of heat and friction by sending out signals to attract the body’s immune system. Upon arrival, the immune system identifies and attacks the virus that caused the wart.

The ultimate goal is for the wart-causing virus to be fully eradicated, effectively eliminating the warts. As a bonus, the immune system is better trained to attack the virus if it ever returns, lowering the risk of recurrent plantar warts.

Swift Treatment

What is Swift Treatment Like?

For a standard Swift treatment session, we begin by gently debriding the wart. This simply removes the very top layers of dead skin, making the wart more accessible to treatment. It should not hurt or bleed.

Once prepared, we will apply the microwave energy to each wart area via the wand. Application in each area lasts 2-3 seconds, and an overall session will last about 5-10 minutes.

Once a session is finished, you are free to continue with your day as normal! For most cases, three sessions – each spaced about a month apart – are required for full results. Some cases may require one fewer or one more, however.

Does Swift Treatment Hurt?

Some patients do report some discomfort during the application. It is said to feel similar to a quick sting, but vanishes once the 2-3 seconds are over.

As opposed to older methods of plantar wart treatment, such as peeling acids, scooping, and freezing, overall pain is much less and does not last. Following a Swift treatment session, your feet will not be in pain through the rest of the day.

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Is Swift Treatment Safe for Children?

Yes! Swift treatment is approved for all ages. We highly recommend it for children based on its much lower discomfort levels and ease of application. You and your child can be quickly in and out of our office for a session.

How Do I Know I Have Plantar Warts?

We will of course confirm whether you actually have plantar warts before recommending any form of treatment for them. We do not wish to waste your time on treatments for the wrong conditions!

Fortunately, plantar warts are rather easy to diagnose. Common symptoms include:

  • Rough, grainy growths on the underside of the foot, mostly around the base of the toes, forefoot and/or heel.
  • Hardening or thickening of skin around the growths.
  • Seeing small, black “specks” within some of the growths (sometimes referred to as “seeds” but are actually tiny clotted blood vessels).
  • Interruptions in the natural lines of your foot where the growths appear.
  • Occasional pain in pressured areas of the foot (but not always).

Whether you are unsure what you are seeing is plantar warts or not, it is definitely something that should be evaluated. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment!

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